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Should you need a Mediator to help solve Family disputes, then don't hesitate to contact Family Lawyers and Mediation.

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Family Violence

It is important for you to know how to protect yourself against domestic violence. Learn to recognize abnormal behavioural patterns or any sudden change in behaviour in your spouse or family member. Keep a trusted person informed about all incidents of violence.

The person should be empowered to contact the authorities or trusted family lawyers in case things go from bad to worse. Tell your children to get emergency help or contact neighbours in case you cannot do so yourself.

Family Matters

You can apply for a spousal maintenance claim under 12 months after the divorce. In case of a de facto relationship, you can apply for maintenance claims within 24 months after your relationship ended. You can claim a court order any time before the time limit. In some special cases, you can get a court order even after the time limit expires. In such a case, it is better to consult your Family Lawyers for legal advice.

The Family Law Act requires that parents straighten out their disputes and come to a consensus about the arrangements for bringing up their child. If it is difficult to do it on your own there are family lawyers who can help you out and work towards what is best for your child.

When do the payments stop?

You are liable pay spousal maintenance till the other party gets married or enters another de facto relationship. Also in case the beneficiary’s financial condition improves or children maintenance decreases, the maintenance amount paid can be redefined.

Payments can be made on a monthly, yearly or lump sum basis. Lump sum is a onetime payment. But if it is spread over years on a regular basis, either of the parties can files for changes in the payments based on their financial condition in the future.