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Patent is the absolute right (Monopoly) that is given by the state to the patent inventor for a use in his invention, wether it be a product or any technological aspect. To receive a patent on an invention one have to submit an application to register the patent to the right authority in the state, patent attorney will help you wether you are in Australia or not.

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The patent lawyers help inventors and companies from the idea level of the invention, ascort the creator with a conceptual plan to get the information needed of the patent application.

It is important for the creator to protect his idea, before exposing it before potential investors and marketers, with an application for patent registration that follows with conceptual planning that fit technically.

With the help of patent lawyer you'll be searching in patent databases is one of the tools that the creator can use in the design making phase about the development and promotion of the patent. searching for the patent lower the insecurity of the Inventor and entrepreneur, giving them information about if the patent already exist, development state, testing and accepting.

The results of the search will not tell in 100% that the invention doesn't exist but will give good idea but you will be continuing the support of a patent lawyer.