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If you need to settle differences of opinion with another person or party without taking things to court, then consider Mediation. Our Mediators will endeavour to settle the matter with both parties pleased with the result.

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Legal Mediation

Family Law and Mediation's lawyers are experts in the field of mediation. Most non criminal disputes can be mediated.

Legal mediation is binding, and bears the same legal weight as any court decision. The mediator does not offer legal advice, but can offer their own experienced opinion regarding settlements to the dispute.

Mediators also bring new and fresh perspectives to the proceedings, using their own knowledge of the subject matter. Legal Mediation on Trademarks is also an important aspect of personal and business mediation, and the problem might solve by any lawyer.


Our mediation lawyers are sought after and are fully trained and up to date with the proper guidelines. We have referred one of our top in mediators in Ipswich, who's specialty is a divorce mediator.

What can a mediator do for you. It is generally favourable when two spouses can work together peacefully to both come to a mutually appealing conclusion.

Not only is the cost of legal proceedings for both parties greatly reduced, both parties work together for a less stressful and friendlier experience when trying to reach a conclusion.

Private Mediation

We also provide private mediation, also known as informal, internal or corporate mediation. This is a special type of mediation. Private mediation is typically conducted prior to when legal proceedings would be considered, usually between two managers or employees of the same organisation or corporation. Private mediation can also be conducted between individuals whenever no official legal decision would be needed.

For every mediation, private or traditional, it is critical to use a properly trained and certified mediator. Our Mediation lawyers are the best people to get in touch with when you want to settle a dispute, outside a court of law, through discussions and negotiations.