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Photography as a career

Photography is the art of using science to create images that any viewer finds interest in, be it a memory, or a work of imagination. Professional photography is much more then taking pictures, its adding emotions and feelings to it. Photography is something which is gaining a lot of popularity among the youth nowadays, a lot of young boys and girls are seen holding DSLR cameras taking pictures of different places, events, objects, animals etc. They really want to progress in this field of
photography and take it as a career.

Why photography?

In old times wedding photographers were the only ones who were seen holding this huge camera in their hands and taking pictures in the weddings, or may be some times in birthdays or in some occasions, but with time things have changed quite a bit. People have started realizing that it’s a very vast field.

There are fashion photographers who are involved in the fashion world, taking pictures of different models and dresses. ALOT of times they are seen at fashion shows as well. Then there are advertising photographers taking pictures different product and services, and then there are Wild life photographers, journalists, wedding photographers, cinematic photographers and a lot more. So if you find this field interesting and you feel you can progress in it, there’s a huge scope all around the world.

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The wrong perception

Still there are a lot of people who have this wrong perception about photography, that if it’s just a waste of time, this thought mostly run around the minds of parents, because they want the best for their kids and they feel Photography is just not good enough, “why do you really want to waste you life in taking pictures?” or “Photography? So you mean to say that you want be like those wedding photographers” is something that photographers hear a lot from their parents.

Well that’s a wrong perception, we have some great examples, some great success stories, that how good photography can help you earn a lot, people like Morgan Norman, Gilles Bensimon and Nick Brandt who have done really well in this field and have won a lot of awards for their achievements.

How To Start?

There are different ways how you can learn more about photography, there are different schools which can teach, but if you really want to do well you have to spend your timing practicing, to become skilled in one particular field; it’s the more you practice, the better you get, but you need experience more to be able to build contacts and clients over time. A mentor can also be very help full, and can be a great source of guidance. Photographers have this great opportunity to give the world a new look, a more beautiful view. Wedding photographers have the power to share the reality of what’s going on around the world and create awareness through their pictures, through their pictures they have the power to show the world the right away.