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Conveyancing and Property transferals can require a lot of paper work. If you want to offload the running around to another, then we are here to take care of the conveyancing for you.

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Why Choose Our Conveyancing Lawyers?

In the past twenty years, we have aided hundreds of Ipswich residents with their conveyancing issues. We have developed processes and systems to ensure the conveyancing process runs as smooth and stress free as possible for you. We will keep you informed along every step of the way.



Our property lawyers are highly experienced in drafting effective commercial leases and advising tenants of their rights and responsibilities under the lease. Retail leases and commercial leases can sometimes include sub-leases. You may guess that there might be some patent issues and are possible to be helped by a professional patent attorney.

Subleases are where tenants leases some or all of the leased premises to a further party. This further party is usually called the sub-tenant. Retail subleases are governed by the retail leases act. If you are a sub-tenant, our conveyancing lawyers can advise you on your rights and responsibilities under the sub-lease.

We at Family Lawyers and Mediation are governed by the rules of practice, discipline and conduct of our proffesion.

Property Transferal

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the process of putting a property on the market, drawing up an agreement to sell, and then transferring ownership of said property from the owner to the buyer.

Family Lawyers and Mediation are based in Ipswich serving all of south-east Queensland with property law services, conveyancing and home information packs. Our objective are, be fast, responsive and easy to communicate with, for our clients.

To qualify for our license, we are required to have extensive practical experience of conveyancing, aboce the standard qualifications for law, and a proven track record in conveyancing.