Skip Bins

Before calling on the services of the company, find out if they have licenses to operate and are willing to pay charges and arrange for permits, on your behalf. Most of them make the arrangements, so it’s better not to settle for one that does not provide you these benefits.

Skip bins provide a healthy and hassle-free option to get rid of your garbage; so choose a service responsibly and leave the rest to their friendly and competent staff.

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Skip Bins Rental | Australia

Disposing of rubbish, specially in times of heavy cleaning can be a matter of concern. You often end up stacking all the junk into the backyard, waiting to call in a trailer. That is not a very easy process and so the problem persists for a long time. This is when you should seriously hire skip bins. With the advent of skip bin services, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Tips for Hiring Skip Bins

Before hiring skip bins, assess the amount of garbage. Don’t compromise on the size because rubbish always ends up being more than you had planned to dispose of.

If you stack more than the accepted number of bins, you may be fined for doing so. Therefore, it’s best to get a skip bin that is slightly larger than your requirement. This helps avoid any complications and problems. Talk to the staff of the company and they will help you out with your requirement.

Choose a Skip bins rental that will deliver in the shortest period of time. Same day or 24 hour delivery is the most common practice.

Usually, the companies charge for a fixed duration for keeping the bins after which they charge extra. It is advisable to accumulate the garbage in a place and then call for budget bin hire, to ensure your work gets done within the time limit you have budgeted for.

That way, you will not have to pay extra charges. Companies usually charge on a per week basis. So, plan your work ahead to make most of the time.

Before calling for the skip bin services, find out specifically what wastes can be put in. You may be fined if you throw things that are not on the list of accepted garbage. Companies do not usually allow you to throw car tyres, batteries, liquids, food wastes or asbestos.



Proper Waste Disposal

How you stack your waste is very important for making room for all the stuff that you want to dispose. Break the rubbish into smaller pieces to make space and accommodate more. Keep green garbage or softer materials on top which can be crushed and folded down to keep to the permitted level.


Be careful not to overload your bin; you may be fined for it. Ensure that the company covers the bins while transporting the garbage so that no pieces are found flying and dirtying public places.


In this age of environmental awareness, you must think responsibly. Opt for a company that recycling wastes instead of sending them directly to a landfill. Brick, steel, paper, timbre, concrete are wastes that can be easily recycled. So choose a service that will not only help de-clutter your site but also the environment, at large.


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