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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks give your kitchen an ultra-modern chic look. They are easier to maintain than regular tiles and last longer. They do not stain and can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner. Kitchen glass splashbacks render an aesthetic touch. They resist heat.

They also are highly reflective. This advantage gives glass splashbacks an edge over tiles as they instantaneously brighten a dull kitchen.


While choosing a Glass kitchen splash backs for your kitchen, it is essential to pay attention to the colour. The colour you choose is what you are going to see for the next ten years or so. You don’t want to get bored with the colour as time passes. So, all you have to do is pick your all-time favourite colour.

Some of the neutral colours like beige, off-whites and various shades of brown never fall out of fashion. They can make sure your kitchen looks trendy forever. However, if you wish to add a splash of colour, you can go for cherry red, bright pink or vibrant blue.

You can also ask a friend or an interior designer to help out if it turns out to be a difficult war between pink and blue.


Contact a grout cleaner to help you in cleaning your kitchen.


Now that you have the colour set in your mind, it is time to decide which type of glass splashback do you wish to install in your kitchen. Although plain toughened glass is what you can see in most kitchens, there are other models such as slumped glass, glass bricks, glass mosaics and encased glass.

Textures and designs can be added to the slumping glass to give a texture to the plain glass. Glass bricks are brick shapes made out of glass. It can give a contemporary and rich look to your kitchen. Only in this case, the glass bricks form the wall and not attached to the wall.

Glass mosaics can add a multicoloured splash to your kitchen. They also come in sheets, which makes the task of installation quite easy. You can encase lights within your splashbacks making them look animated.


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