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Why Need a Registered Architect?

Architects should also check for the quality of building materials used as well as workmanship and force the builder to rectify construction defects and flaws. An architect will issue a certificate of completion of project only if he is satisfied with the entire project.

You can also collaborate with your architect on site hunting. Once you provide your architect with your approval of rough sketches and drawings, he will go ahead on the drawing board and come up with detailed plans and designs that would soon be put into effect.


Tips for Working with Your Architect

Your architect will also liaise with builders, suppliers and construction workers on your behalf to get the work done correctly and according to client satisfaction levels. He is also responsible for drawing up client-architect/builder agreements that will contain all the terms, rules and conditions.

It is not the responsibility of your architect to supervise the on-going construction work or to determine whether the construction guys are slacking or not. That’s the builder’s job. Architects inspect the building work to check for flaws and defects in construction and to make sure that the job is being done according to the contract drawn up.


Certificate Inspection


After completion of the building construction, there is a substantial defect liability period. It is at this time that you will draw your architect’s attention to flaws and defects in the construction.

Your building contractor is bound by his contract to take up remedial measures for correcting these flaws and defects in materials and workmanship. Once the problems are fixed to the client’s satisfaction, the architect makes a final inspection of the building before issuing the final