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Antenna Installations

Your antenna should be facing in the desired direction. Keep the connecting cable (the cable that connects your TV with the antenna) as short as possible for better reception because the signals will get weaker with a longer cable before these can reach the TV set. Don’t install an antenna near power lines. Also avoid fixing up an aerial if it is raining or during a thunder squall. It is best to seek professional help of Antenna Installers.

Dos and don’ts

If you live in an urban area, avoid using a TV aerial that comes with a mounted amplifier.

This type of antenna will amplify or intensify all sorts of signals, apart from the TV signals and the ultimate objective behind your HDTV Antenna will be defeated. You’ll also need to determine the approximate distance of your home from the nearest TV transmission tower.

You can go online and go through sites that list the location of TV transmission towers. You’ll just need to enter the ZIP code of your region to find out the number and locations of such towers within a certain radius.

Using a tilted or angled antenna is recommended as it receives signals more intensely than a straight antenna. Choose an antenna installation site that is most likely to receive strong signals using a compass.


Home Cinema Set Up

The colour format of a room accommodating a home theatre should be dark and neutral. Bright colours around the room interfere with the colour of the image on the screen. The surfaces that are close to the screen ought to be the darkest.


Managing the Cables

It is important to position the cables correctly at the input and output ports of the TV screen. Various technical parameters are involved in the process. It is necessary that you present a neat job, concealing the unsightly looking cables as much as possible. You may hire Home theatre Brisbane offering home cinema installations for this purpose.