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Air Conditioning Tips

Air conditioning has become an integral part of every household in warm regions. With the advent of summer, people look forward to an air conditioner for comfort and relief. However, you need to remember that these are, after all, machines. So, like every machine, they need proper maintenance for a healthy performance.

Air Conditioning Installation

Exposure to sunlight brings down the efficiency of an AC by about 10%. Therefore, install the air conditioning unit away from direct sunlight.

If the Air Conditioner is not positioned correctly and is not level, it may affect the drainage of water and hence cause damage to the machine.

Setting the AC unit’s fan speed high and using an external fan, along with the AC helps in better air circulation and cools your rooms faster.

Ensure that the seal between the Air Conditioning unit and window frame is air tight. Otherwise, cool air will escape through the gaps. Window screens have variety of designs available, its a great way to seal windows and add security to your home.





Regular cleaning of the AC filter is crucial as dust accumulates the most in a filter. If this is not done on a regular basis, the energy efficiency will decrease. If you have a pet in the house, you may need more frequent cleaning of the filters.

The outdoor coil should also be cleaned at least once a year to avoid damage and added energy consumption.

A regular inspection of the refrigerant gas or Freon is extremely important because the over or under charging will not allow a machine to function effectively. This can be done only by a professional; so don’t try it yourself. He will inform you of any need to re-charge gas for effective cooling. If you are planning to sell your property, it will be wise to conduct Pre purchase inspections to resolve problems before putting it out in the market.

Clean the drain channels of the AC unit regularly with the help of Air Conditioning Service Gladstone. If required pass a stiff wire once in a while; clogged drains can lead to lower humidity absorption affecting the interior of the house.

The power cord is another component that needs a check-up, at least once a year. A frayed wire can damage your machine and also lead to serious accidents. Maintenance is a serious matter, having a Handyman Gold Coast do the necessary repairs at home will save you alot of trouble.

To increase the life expectancy of the compressor, do not switch on the AC within 5 minutes of switching it off.